Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


How do I book?

If you have booked a yacht before, please contact you charter broker and ask them to check for Mustiques availability. If, however, you are new to chartering, we hope that the following will help guide you through the process.  

The process of making a booking is as follows:

Telephone us or use the form on the Contact Us page to check that Mustique is available for your chosen dates. You will receive an immediate response to this, along with confirmation of the price.  

If you are happy to proceed, simply respond to us or your broker by placing an 'Option' on your chosen dates. This will hold your requested dates for a few days and give the Central Charter Agent a chance to draft the Charter Contract for you. (A sample copy of this is available to download here).

Once you receive the contract, you have seven days to sign and return it to the Central Charter Agent, along with 50% of the charter fee. The remaining charter fee and the APA (see What About Other Costs in the FAQ section) becomes due 30 days before you board Mustique.

That's it ! You're all booked.


What does the Charter Fee cover?

Your Charter Fee includes the charter of the Vessel with all its equipment in working order; tools; stores; cleaning materials and basic consumable stores for the engine room, deck, galley and cabins; laundry of the vessels linen, the crew wages and uniform and the insurance of the vessel. See “What about other Costs” within this FAQ section for more information.


Can I choose my own route/itinerary?

Of course! The itineraries listed here on our website are just guidelines and are completely adaptable, depending on what you want out of your holiday and the kinds of activities you enjoy. The listed itineraries are also for seven days, but you can plan you cruise for longer if your wish.

The only limitation is your port of embarkation and disembarkation and local cruising laws, but all this can be discussed and decided at the point of booking so that flights etc can be booked.


What about other costs?

The Charter Fee covers the costs of chartering the boat and her crew for the period of the charter. All other costs are covered “at cost” by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance, which should be paid to the Booking Agent one month before your arrival. These costs include, but are not limited to shore transport, fuel used for the main engine and the generator and watersports equipment, food and all beverages for the duration of your stay, berthing fees and harbour charges, local taxes and customs formalities, agents fees and the costs for any electricity or water taken from ashore.

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance generally equates to 20% of the Charter Fee. A running tally is kept onboard during your stay, and the skipper will keep you appraised of how it is being used. If at the end of the charter period, there remains an excess, this will returned to you, however if a shortfall occurs, this will have to be covered by the you at the end of the charter period.


What activities can we do?

That depends on what you want to do .. Its your holiday, just tell us what interests you and we will try and make sure that it happens.

On board, we carry snorkeling equipment, a wake board, a set of ‘combi’ water skis, a fishing rod and a Seadoo Sea Scooter (underwater diving aid). If you are suitably qualified, we carry limited diving gear, but of course, rendevous diving can be arranged at most locations with a local dive centre. If you just want to relax, there is plenty of sunbathing cushions, a swim deck with ladder and a very comfortable cockpit.

If you like visit places of interest, or wineries or doing historical city tours, just talk to us and we can arrange all of this for you.


What should be pack?

The secret of relaxed sailing vacations is..”less is more!” All bed linens and bedroom towels are provided. We also provide deck towels for swimming and sunbathing - apart from that, just bring what you will feel relaxed and comfortable wearing. Eveningwear is usually informal whether dining onboard or in one of the local restaurants. A sweater may be a good idea against the occassional evening breeze. If possible, try to remember to pack in soft bags only, as storage of large rigid suitcases can prove to be a bit of a problem. You will not need to bring any footwear for the deck as no footwear is worn aboard.


What about using hairdriers / shavers / charging equipment?

The electricity sockets onboard are of the three pin ‘British’ type. We carry some adapters onboard, but you might want to pick you own up in the airport before you arrive. 230v electricity is provided a for a number of hours during the day to allow for all your electricial needs.


What if I want to experience the local cuisine?

Each morning, we can agree the format for catering for the day ahead. Generally Breakfast and Lunch are provided each day, as we are either at anchor or at a swimming stop. Dinner may be taken ashore or onboard and most guests tend to alternate which days they dine ashore/onboard. Your skipper has extensive experience of your cruising area and is happy to help you choose from the range of restaurants available, or to make recommendations.


Is sailing safe?

Sailing can be a relaxing way to spend a few days or an adrenaline junkies dream; it depends on how you like to sail and the conditions available - but rest assured that Mustique is a safe and capable yacht. She is regularly examined and certified as complying with the United Kingdoms Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) Code of Practice for Commercial Vessels. This means that she mets the most stringent safety guidelines as to her build, safety equipment and training and experience of her crew.


What about Gratuities

Of course, gratuities are entirely at your discretion, but normal practice is for 10% to 15% of the charter fee to be split by the crew at the end of your charter.


Where can we fly to, to meet the yacht?

The depends on your embarkation and disembarkation points, but where ever we sail from and to, there is an international airport with 20 minutes taxi ride away. We can discuss and agree all of this at the point of booking.


How Long Are Mustique Cruises?

You can organise a cruise onboard Mustique for as long a time as you would like. Most people charter Mustique for for period of either one, two or three weeks.


What If I Need To Cancel?

Cancellation policies are covered with the bookings contract. Please see Our Downloads section for a copy of this contract.


What Travel Documents Will I Need? / Will I need a Visa?

For most of our destinations, your passport should be all that you require, but it is wise to check with the governmental websites for this countries that you plan to visit, to ensure that you have the correct documentation.


What Do I Need To Know About Customs?

Some of our cruises cross international borders between countries. When this happens, your captain will make the necessary arrangements to clear into and out from the countries visited.


What If I Want Specific Wines/Drinks?

Before you board the yacht, you will be asked to complete a Preference sheet (please see our Downloads section for a copy). With this form, you can give the crew adequate notice of anything specific you would like onboard, such as any wines, spirits, beers and soft drinks to be available; what style of foods you like; any special activities which you would like to do. Remember, the more information you can give us prior to your arrival, the more preparation we can do for you. However, please be aware, that your favourite brands may not be available in certain parts of the world.


What Vaccinations Will I Need?

Your local health authority/doctor will be able to advise you on any vaccinations which you may need for the countries you plan to visit.


Will I Need To Bring Toiletries?

Mustique carries a range of basic toiletries (soap, shower gel, etc) onboard. However, you will have your favourite and we recommend that you bring these along.


When Should I Arrive At The Yacht?

The yacht is generally available from midday on the first day of your charter, however, we understand that this may need to change dependent on your flight times, etc.


Pre- and Post-Cruise Transfers.

Transfers to and from the yacht, to either hotels or airports can be arranged. We can discuss this and make arrangements at the time of booking.


Pre- and Post-Cruise Hotels.

We can make recommendations and reservations for you at hotels either bbefore your cruise or afterward. Just talk with us and we will make the arrangements for you.


Can I Use My Own Cell Phone On Board?

Yes. Cellphone and 3G coverage is available from most locations that the yacht will visit. If you are visiting from the USA, just ensure that you phone is capable of making and receiving calls in Europe.


Can I Send And Receive Mail, And Make Phone Calls?

See above.


Is Internet Access Available?

See above.


What Laundry Services Are Available?

We can, by arrangement, carry out small laundry services, however we tend to use shoreside laundry services where available. If you require laundry service, please advise us a day or so in advance.


What Are My Dining Options?

Dinner may be taken ashore or onboard and most guests tend to alternate which days they dine ashore/onboard. Your skipper has extensive experience of your cruising area and is happy to help you choose from the range of restaurants available, or to make recommendations. Indeed, we have run Gourmet Cruises before which centre on visiting at least one 'special' restaurant each day.


What Medical Services Are Available At Sea?

The yacht carries a basic medical kit onboard, and the crew are first aid trained. If you take any medication, you are advised to ensure that the crew is informed about this and also the location of where you stow it onboard.


What Voltage is Used Onboard?

The yacht uses both 24v and 240v systems. When the generator is running, this provides 240v and allows your various appliances to be used. Please note that the socket arrangement is the British 3-pin style. You may need to bring an adapter.


Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is only allowed on deck at the back of the yacht.


What If I Have A Medical Emergency While On Board?

Our cruises are never more than two or three hours away from any major medical centre. If you need a high speed medical evacuation to this facility, this can be arranged. We recommend that you check your travel insurance documentation for any restrictions.


Can I Still Cruise If Pregnant?

Yes. However, the decks of the yacht are on various levels with 2 or 3 steps between each.


What About Special Diets?

Before you join the yacht, you will be asked to complete a Preference Sheet on which you can detail exactly your likes and dislikes. We will always try to comply with these requests.


What If I Have Food Allergies?

See above.
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