The Ionian Islands Located in the Ionian Sea, on the Western coastline of Greece, the Ionian Islands are a group of seven larger and numerous smaller islands. The islands are well known for their beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, charming villages and stunning scenic countryside which is verdant and flourishing with greenery and nature. Each Ionian island has a distinct character and between them they offer everything you could wish for from a Greek Sailing holiday

Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, is defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. Its rich culture reflects years spent under Italian, French and British rule before it was united with Greece in 1864. Beaches range from the fine sand and shallow waters of Ayios Georgios to the water sports and party atmosphere at Cavos. We start our cruise from the ancient city of Kerkyra with its wonderful mix of French, Venetian and English influences. Plenty of time ashore to explore the city before we leave.
Paxi or Paxoi is the smallest island group within the Ionian Islands. In Greek, it is the plural from. The largest islands are Paxos and nearby Antipaxos (although neither are very big!). Antipaxos is famous for its wine and two of the finest sandy beaches in the Ionian Sea. This little island chain will capture you from the very first glance. Its lofty olive trees, which practically cover the whole island, idyllic coves and little harbours and marine caves are bound to impress all who discover them.
White rocks sit vertically along practically the whole western coast of the island which is why its called Leftkada (The White One). Unlike the west coast, the eastern coast is lush, calm and full of picturesque little bays. Separated from mainland Greece via a man-made channel (Constructed by the Corithian colonists in the 7th century B.C.), it retains ‘island status’. This channel represents the northern opening to the idyllic cruising grounds of the “Inland Sea”

Ithaca is known throughout the world as the island of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s The Odyssey, who after fighting for 10 whole years at Troy, needed another 10 to return to his kingdom and his wife Penelope who was waiting patiently, This small island (only 96 sq. km) is quite mountainous and quite green and surrounded by beautiful deep bays.
The island of Meganisi is located just between Lefkada and the western mainland coasts of Greece, on the ‘Inland Sea.’ This is an island with few population and limited tourist development. Some beaches can be reached on foot and others are accessible only by boat, but they all have amazing water. Vathy is the most picturesque village of Meganisi island and is one of our favourite overnight ports in the area. Stroll along the beach promenade and enjoy a meal in the many fish taverns of Vathy. Agios Ioannis, Fanari, Spilia and Barbarezou are the most frequented beaches, without losing their virgin nature.
Kefalonia, about 30 miles to the west of mainland Greece, has has numerous cliffs, pebbled coves and sandy beaches, many accessible only on foot. Best known is northern Myrtos, a picturesque strip of white sand and pebbles backed by steep limestone cliffs. Famed for production of the wine, Robola, which it struggles to keep up with demand, as well as honey and a soft white cheese, this mountainous island is the largest and most picturesque of the Ionian Islands.

Since days of old, this island has exercised great charm on its visitors. The Venetians called it Zante, the flower of the east; and they did not just mean a place with flowers, but all the flourishing things to be seen on the island, above all, the flourishing of the arts. Two of the greatest Greek poets were born here and the importance of painting has underlined with the establishment of Arts school in the 17th century. The main town was famed for its mansions and architecture as well as beautiful churches, until the day of a major earthquake in 1953, which destroyed everything. Icons remain and some beautiful wall paintings, but now, the islands main draw is its beautiful beaches, dream like caves and the incredible colour of the surrounding sea.
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